Militza Núñez

Militza Núñez

Commercials, animations, corporates, audioguides


LATAM Spanish Voice over artist

Her debut as a narrator began in December 2020 narrating and characterizing on her channel Audiocuentos in Spanish on the YouTube platform with stories, and fables.

She believes in storytelling as a great tool that informs, educates, and stimulates the imagination. She can use a variety of female voices as her vocal range is positioned as mezzo-soprano, which represents a wide range.

Starting in 1988, she became part of the percussion section of the Philharmonic Orchestra in Caracas for several years. She also worked teaching percussion classes with the El Sistema program.

She has participated in several theater improvisation courses.

In January 2022, she obtained two certificates in voiceover and dubbing technique, with the announcer Mario Arvizu at the Crehana online school.

If you want to hire her services as voice over, please send an email through the Contact Form and thus obtain the details. Thank you.


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